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Our Review - By SSAA's Senior Correspondent - John Dunn

Australian Hunter Magazine - Issue 27 2008.
Written by Senior Correspondent - Mr. John Dunn
John has been writing the Jumbunna column on the back page of the Shooter since September 1988. He is an experienced hunter with a particular interest in deer and a background in pest animal control. He is currently a director of Hunting & Conservation (NSW) Ltd. John is one of the SSAA's Senior Correspondents.

Our Review
I was extremely excited to see our review by John Dunn in the Australian Hunter Magazine - Issue 27.
John took time to try and test our kits and has written a review about them in the SSAA's Issue 27 - Australian Hunter Magazine.

"Pizzari's Home Tanning Kits does everything it claims it will do. It's easy to use and produces excellent results"....."I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to try their hand at home tanning"
John Dunn - Senior Correspondent
SSAA - Australian Hunter
Issue 27 2008
page. 66-67.
If you want to read up on the whole review, check it out by getting your hands on a copy of the magazine.
Here is a link to the SSAA's website: